June 14, 2009

I found that dang lost SD card~8 mo. later

When your just about to give up, you'll usually find what you've been looking for........here is the sd card I lost last Sept. (2008) ...We tore out to T-town for the Western Ky game! We always have a great time when we're off with the Miller's! ~ Please note I haven't colored my hair again for you who see me on a regular basis, like I said this was last fall & yes, that's my fall hair color!!! hehaheha Yes, my hair styles & color is a ongoing science project! (... you can stop laughin' now)

June 7, 2009

Granny's Got her Game On~

~~~Well,,,,, she's done it again, Granny caught a 2.1 lb 'shell cracker' that's my hand & from the bottom of my palm to the tip of my mid. finger is 6.5 in. ! The thickness what I can't dare to begin to show you! You may be able to see by it's "shadow" He was just a HOG I tell you, just a hog!

Hey.....they're cutting our Hay!!

I love how it smells right after they get the hay cut & how pretty it looks when they get rolled too! I think we got about 47 round bales outta this first cutting. I thought it would have been a little more being it was so thick!!!

Deer/Racoon Feeder Camera...

~~~The "Sweetest Dear" ever -My Jeff...........
The "girls" are not to sure about the racoon in thier feed bowl!

This is close to what I look like if you try to
"run" me away from my feed bowl, I don't
think my eyes gets as bright
as this, but pretty close I've been told!

Get wire pliers & antibiotics ?

....you know it's been a hard days fishing when you have to run to the house to the get wire pliers to cut a treble hook outta your husbands hand! ~also when they tell you to grab a couple of antibiotics too! ???? oh me! Oh course I would have to "blog" this so I wasn't in any hurry till I had my camera! Now, first things first!!!

June 1, 2009

Bird nest update....not a good one!

Well.... it has always been one of my favorite books, To Kill A Mockingbird! I had high hopes that the pretty bird nest was a family of red birds. I was putting Cocoa up for the night & I caught the moma bird, it's a dang MOCKINGBIRD nest!!!!! I'd bet she is cousins to the one that would "yap" every morning at 5:19 in the holly tree outside mine & Jeff's window! I'm just saying this could get ugly.....if the eggs hatch Jeff will have 4 new moving targets! :-) Sorry folks don't mess w/ our sleep~