August 15, 2009

~EHS class of 1959~

Sr. Yearbook picture

Some nutt she went to school with?!

This is her 2 best buddies Doris & Nancy.
~Last Friday night I took mother to her 50th class reunion! The house was full of folks from
as far as California. Some was there who had never been to one before! The count was about 144 outta about 200 classmates. The food was good & lots of entertainment. She went w/ one of her friends on Sat. to the Golden Oldies reunion, it was for anyone from 1959 class & older. She said about 450-500 showed up for that one!

Granny 's 5lb 11oz catfish

When we was coming home late Saturday eve. from the amish tour. We passed by Granny's & I told Jeff she's at the pond. Imagine that! By the time we get to our drive & beginning to unload, I saw a little "black dart" coming across the dam of the pond. I told Mrs. Miller "OH Granny has got something going on!" My poor Cocoa probly had her claws dug into the bed of Paw-paw's truck cause Granny is HAULING IT! By this time Jeff is watching her we knew she'd got a big one or a turtle! When she caught her breath & Cocoa got the bugs outta her teeth! This is what she had a 5lb 11oz catfish! She wrestled him in & put in the fish basket for Jeff to clean!

~Our Amish Tour~

These signs tell you what the family sells or makes.

A sweet little Amish boy & his dog.

~Doorstep brothers~

Cutting hay..

... gathering the hay, this is a half load too!

We took of Saturday morning on a Amish tour w/ the Miller's to Ethridge,Tn.
Mr. Miller done a fine job navigating us through the country considering he had a faulty map reader. (me) Most everyone was busy working in the fields cutting hay or gathering vegetables to sell. We'd been in big trouble if we'd drove a truck when we got to the family that made swings & gliders! They we're so pretty made from heavy cypress. It was something to see.

August 11, 2009


Uncle Melvin & Aunt Eugenia is always spoiling us! I love to go up the their house & see what he's gathered outta the garden & going to the market ! He brought us home this huge "yellow meated" watermelon. I was so excited, I love watermelon for breakfast & any other part of the day! I was jumping in the mule to come home when he yelled to dry the seeds & He'd grow me some next year! You can't beat that with a stick!

August 9, 2009

My CORNIEST Posting Yet! =)

Uncle Melvin's corn is so pretty this year! He has white/Silver Queen
& the prettiest yellow corn also!
We've picked few bushels this weekend & got it all worked up. Below Jefferson is silking it for me, he's a good corn silker!
Wasn't to many of these wormy fellers in our corn!My stove was full of boiling pots of corn!

~Here is the Horton's Corn Queen 2009,~