September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff !!!

We tried to gt him good a couple of Sat. ago w/ a little surprise party. I think it turned out very well! Everyone "cut-a-rusty" as Granny would put it! We had way too much to eat as usual! It was just a good enough reason as any being Jeff's birthday to call in all his buddies! Him & Dylan did alot of karaoke singing! Dylan did his version of "Chicken Fried" also! Everyone loved hearing Doc & Emily sing too! His birthday is today, but w/ college football getting started up we had to back up & punt. This is his favorite time of the year. So we just backed it up a Sat. or so.....

September 2, 2009

Angel Trumpets

These are our Angel Trumpet trees! Granny's is a pinky-peach color & mine in a dwarf dark purple in the top picture. Granny's is over 5ft tall & mine maybe a foot at the most, very small!

September 1, 2009

Spice Towels

~When Granny isn't fishing she is either reading or sewing on something! Here are my spice towels, I have searched high & low for someway to show them off! This is a rack I found on one of my junking trips! It's all by hand ! She don't need a machine!

sweet babies!

We love to go check the deer camera. I get SO excitied! Here are a few of my latest pictures! I love,love, love them. Sweet Babies!

Turtle & Fish Traps

Well, things can get ugly when you let Jeff & Hamp go off to town together! They came home w/ 2 traps for the pond! Them pesky turtles have been eating Granny's bait & that's not good! These 2 love to go check the traps & see what they have, so far they have 7, counting the one Mr. Bill hooked w/ his rod! My contribution to this project is the pigs feet for bait. You can never go wrong w/ pigs feet as bait! =)