March 30, 2011

Kitchen Floor

I've been creating havoc around here & I love every minute of it! Jefferson has be very helpful with my wild ideas also! We got our new kitchen floor down today & I LOVE it! Here is you a "peep" if you'd like.......=D Before....

March 21, 2011

Our Room Project!

I just love it! My husband has become very handy! He's "heck" w/ a caulk gun I tell you! This was my mothers bed, We cleaned out our spare room tore out the carpet & we went to painting! I looks great! Now, what's next to be painted? I better give him a small break for now! =D

March 6, 2011

mardi gras

We got away for the weekend & headed to Gulf Shores for the Mardi Gras parades! The weather was a little cool but it didn't keep us in!

my mother~

We'll I'm trying to get back in to a groove of some kind around's been a whirl wind of a ride. I'm ready to get off this roller coaster for now. I haven't posted anything since last October. Boooooo Me! =D I'm trying to do better! Here goes!

We had a great Thanksgiving. We went to mothers, had too much to eat as always. I loved it but my favorite part was the Wii .....That was the funniest thing ever! We all took our turn to do our best at bowling,dancing & baseball! It was so fun!
On another note....I lost my mother Dec.21,2010....less than a month after these pictures were taken.