December 30, 2008

I'd love to have one of these....

oh, I'd love to have me a little chicken coop like this! I wonder if there is a breed of chickens that doesn't crow before say 10:oo a.m. :)

December 27, 2008

...the pond is full !!

~~Updated~ yes that is the pontoon boat floating where you would normally park when you come to the pond ! Compare the 2 photos

For you that have been down & fished with us over the summers have seen the pond very low due to the drought!! Well, looky here she up to the "rim" & with "bream" ! It was just in the late summer I would weed-eat, walk around & keep the bank under the pier good & clean! Take a look for yourself!

December 26, 2008


Well, I bought a book about a year ago "First Time Quiltmaking" SOOOO... with the help of Hobby Lobby. I am starting my first quilt! It's really their fault cause they had to go & put the holiday fabric on sale! yep, 66% off! Couldn't turn it down! Nope! I was weak! HEHE! It's a smaller quilt, called "Single-Patch" it's finished size should be a "hair" bigger than 36x48. Most of it appears to be very simple, except the "binding" or the edge. I'll keep you posted on it's progress, maybe it will resemble some geometrical shape of some kind when I'm done :) ~If it goes well I may get a call from the "Women of Gees Bend Quiltmakers" a community in south Alabama to join them on tour!

a vist from miss maddie lynn....

We had a wonderful visit from the Hayes clan late on Christmas Eve in between some of their stops! Miss Maddie was excited & couldn't wait for Santa Clause! We are always tickled to get to see them, that is Doc with his helmet on! He needs it cause he is always getting in to something. Emily just hangs around to see what them 2 is gonna do next!!!! Miss Maddie & me also played a few rounds of Whac-a-mole! You should've been there! Maddie had to take some pictures also, when it was your turn you had to say "CHEEZEEE & WAVE !


Christmas eve we went to my mothers, she had everything all "doodled'' up as usual. It's never quite when we all get in the same room together, Jeff now knows where my talkbox comes from! (hehahe) My mothers sister Susan & my uncle JQ were there along w/ my cousins Derrick from Key West, FL & Denise was in from Washington D.C & Shala & Herb lives here in Boaz, as you can see Shala (red glasses) had to jump in with her 2 cents while I was about to take a picture !


~We had a house full of hungry folks! We feasted on crock-pots full of homemade chili & veggie soup & all the snackin's to go along with it! We had plenty of deserts too! The little ones we so excited & helping each other with opening their gifts!

December 19, 2008

another elf dance!!!

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... a friday funny !

~this is me & Amy! Sunny is taking our picture! hehahe

December 15, 2008

a few of my favorite things.....

*kindness*family*friends*any kind of laughter*college football games*award shows*trips to the beach*un-sweet tea*road trips*crafty things*hot (long) baths*yard sales*THRIFT STORES*fishing*I love to mow*laying in the sunshine*dogs*cooking*eating*flowers*MY HUSBAND*funny movies*surprises*leaving answer machine messages*burnt hot dogs*laughing till you loose your breath*funky 80's music*
did I say MY HUSBAND*Christmas lights*greeting cards*kisses*singing to the top of my lungs*hot peppers*aggravating*my job*crushed ice*fall weather*pick-up trucks*marching bands*un-planned adventures*going to the beauty shop*going to the greenhouse*dumpster diving*talking to most anyone*getting tickled*these are just a few my favorite things!!!

December 11, 2008


After about 15-20 pics, 30 min's & 1 humiliated Chocolate Lab later.... I got her pic.!! I could almost see her embarrassment......she's such a "sweet girl"

We just got... TEBOW'ED

We have gotten over a great weekend & busy week! We was fortunate enough to get to go to Atlanta for the SEC championship game. It was a great game , but the Gators pulled it out in the end. It was very exciting the town was filled w/ fans from both sides & alot from other folks in the SEC. Judy& I roamed & shopped while the boys were gone. It seems like the season went by really fast this year. I hope if your team makes it to Atlanta you'll get to go! It was SO fun & alot of stuff to see & do! ~ROLL TIDE ROLL~

Ugh!!! I'M SO BEHIND...


~merry christmas~

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