April 21, 2010

*drum-roll*.......Her name issssss "Pot"unia~

i have a pot of red hair, i mean "pot-unias" for her hair. i wanted to see how the hosta style looked on her. go HERE to see other neat clay pot people!

April 19, 2010

Miss Love-Dovey...


Well, Cocoa's dog food is in the mower barn next to the air compressor. So, the last few times I've gone to feed that sweet girl I've had to "DUCK" cause of a low flying "747" airplane coming outta there! It turns out it's a healthy moma dove! She's made a nest in a vegetable basket on the top shelf w/ my flower pots! I love to look at birds nest & see what all the moma's used to build it. I have seen hair from a horses tail to tiny colorful fiber optic wires! This was weird to me, very flat & bigger twigs than you would've thought off! But, she did take advantage of a pair of my neon orange work gloves that was in the bottom of the basket also! Can't blame her for that one!

Help me name her...

I need to give her a name.....iris,viola,rose, daisy,flora,lily,jasmine
or just ...POT-HEAD?

LaMont the Lizard

can you see him? look real close.................closer!!!!!!
there he is on the rabbit's head...
Looking lovely as ever ....LaMont!
...I ran across LaMont last Sat. while we we're washing the house. We'd gotten to this end & something wiggled in the straw. I told Jeff that something was around my feet & to get after w/ the water hose. He did and nothing came of it. I spotted him a hour or so later "sunning" on his rabbit!

Now, you get outside at your house & see if any of
Lamont's cousins are in your flowerbeds!

this is my time of the year.....

~ dahlias~


& iris

This is my time of the year........minus the pollen! I love to try to remember where I planted something last year. It's very peaceful to me to scratch around in the dirt. Divide the ones that needs it. I can sniff a greenhouse from a mile away. I love them. =}